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I’m not a “workout guru” or anything; and I don’t have time to be one! I am a wife, mother of four, and a pastor with a super full plate. I am also diagnosed with a mean ole, energy-sapping disease called multiple sclerosis. But, I am determined to have all the ENERGY and STRENGTH to rise up to the occasion of this amazingly blessed life and enjoy every bit of it along the way. Therefore, my fitness is everything. And, that is how this whole workout idea came about!

I simply don’t have time to drive to the gym. And, I have never liked workout videos that much. However, I have finally realized and accepted that the only way I will actually work out at all in this season is if I made it a part of my morning getting-ready routine! Like, I may not feel like brushing my teeth and putting on make-up – yet I do this every single morning! So now, along with brushing my teeth and all that, I also throw in a 15-minute workout! And, I get in the shower feeling LIKE A BOSS! In fact, it is just so good, that I can’t keep it to myself. That would be just wrong!

I literally do this in my PJ’s! This workout is for every fitness level. Simply add weight to increase the challenge. Also, PLEASE NOTE: with strength training, technique is everything! So, for that reason I have created a video for you! I totally encourage you to memorize this workout, though, so ultimately you won’t need the video, just your music!

Each 15-minute workout includes three parts:

Warm-Up, Strength & Sculpt, and Yoga Stretch.

Because variety is key to optimum fitness, I have included two different “Strength & Sculpt” routines for you to alternate.

Know what you’re getting! Here are some benefits:

Cardio: The quick warm-up gets your heart going, and then the constant pace of the workout keeps your heart working!

Strength and Sculpt: The strength and sculpt routine tackles multiple muscle groups at once so that you get full-body sculpting in a compact amount of time.

Yoga Stretch: Yoga stretch provides amazing benefits, including long, lean muscles, flexibility, agility, improved circulation and overall wellness 😉

Physical exercise and fitness have also long been proven to have a powerful influence on mental health and cognitive performance. Yes, please! Much needed.

All you need:
1 – Dumbells (start with fives, I use eights)
2 – Yoga mat
3 – Music that makes you feel like a boss! Just four songs! (I love Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse Soundtrack right now!)


10 High knee march
10 High knee march, add arms
10 High knee march, arms, add twist
10 Squat reach
10 Jog
10 High knee jog
10 High knee skip

Strength & Sculpt
10 Dead lifts – Bent over row
10 Squat – Shoulder press
Repeat 3x

10 Lunge – Bicep curls
10 Deep Squat – Overhead tricep extension
Repeat 3x

On mat:
10 Push-ups
10 Rear leg raise
10 Pulse up to ceiling
Forearm plank:
10 Toe touch right
10 Toe touch left
10 Run
Repeat 3x

Yoga Stretch
Childs pose
Down dog
10 Walk the dog
3 Crouching dog
3 Up – Down dog
Right knee to chest – 3-Legged dog
Left knee to chest – 3-Legged dog

Seated forward bend
Seated spine twist (R/L)
Butterfly stretch
Seated wide leg forward bend – Right, Left, Center

Standing forward fold
Right forward fold
Right deep lunge
Right high hurdle stretch
Back to lunge
Back to right forward fold
Bend left knee – point toes to sky
Forward fold
Repeat all on left side
Back to forward fold
Slowly rise up to tall mountain
You’re done!!!


Same Warm-Up and Yoga Stretch
Alternate Strength and Sculpt:

10 Side Lunge – In-line bicep curls
10 Deep Squat – Upright rows
Repeat 3x

10 Small lunges – Bent-over tricep extensions
10 Power Clean and Push
Repeat 3x

On Mat:
10 Chest Butterfly
10 Ab Crunches
10 Bicycle Crunch
10 Right Single-Leg Hip Raise
10 Left Single-Leg Hip Raise
Repeat 3x