The Balance Culture = Life-Saver!

BC post headerIt is so neat how God, seeing all that lies ahead for us, places just the right people and just the right situations at just the right times. Along this path of multiple sclerosis, I have seen God’s hand and presence in every single detail. When I first started to experience symptoms and received the diagnosis, I just happened to be in a biology class studying the central nervous system and learning about diseases such as MS. Right after my diagnosis, as I navigated through the mix of shock and devastation, I just happened to be in a blogging class where I was required to start a blog. A blog which turned out to be such a life-giving, therapeutic outlet for me, as well as a doorway to minister to so many other women facing similar circumstances.

Also, in this season when my health has been more under attack than ever, it just so happened that God had brought Kirstin Czernek into my life, at just the right time. I did a feature article on her a few months ago (check it out). She recently opened an incredible fitness studio called The Balance Culture here in Lakeland, Florida. Originally, we connected because I was preparing to get certified as a fitness instructor to join her team. When MS hit however, we decided that I would be her “chaplain” instead. (This still makes me laugh for some reason!)

As it turns out, with multiple sclerosis, exercise can literally be a life-saver. Once my symptoms hit, I was pretty much in bed all the time, too tired to even eat. Much less, work out! In the early days of my diagnosis, Kirstin would give me private pilates sessions. These were so tough, yet saved me, if even momentarily, from the darkness of my sudden reality. She was a God-send.

Nowadays, through the “iaMStrong” initiative that Kimberlee Moran and I have begun together in effort to increase our well-being, and to fend off the progression of MS, I have determined to really up my exercise commitment. Thus, I have made the Balance Culture studio my second home. The barre, pilates, and yoga classes offered at the BC studio are just a few of the classes offered. They are my favorite, and have been perfect for me, helping me to rebuild strength and endurance once again. Now, I feel the absolute best that I have felt since the diagnosis. I could almost say I am back to my normal self! I am still struggling to get through the classes, but LOVE how I feel afterward. I certainly can feel the added energy and strength!

I am so grateful for Kirstin and for The Balance Culture fitness studio. I am so grateful that God has strategically placed people and opportunities in my life to nudge me forward towards the abundant life that he has in store for me.

If you are in the midst of a setback, despite the chaos you are facing, look around and notice the presence of an oasis that God has placed in your path. This is proof that God saw this storm coming; he is not surprised. It is also proof that he’s got your back, that he will see you through this, and that your future is certain and secure.

If you are in the Lakeland area, you have to check out The Balance Culture Fitness Studio! Kirstin, what you are doing is truly making a difference. Thank you, and love you bunches!