Turning Over a New Leaf

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So much has taken place since my last post! My family and I have moved back home to Shreveport, Louisiana. We had the best two years in Lakeland, Florida. Attending Southeastern University has been a dream for me. My husband just graduated with his Masters of Ministerial Leadership, and two of his brothers graduated with him. I will continue my education with SEU online from Louisiana. Our girls had the best time at their Florida school, St. Paul. The transition home has been nothing but joy, as they have meshed right back in with their Evangel friends.

We all had a blast living in the Florida sun, being near the beach and Disney World, but most of all, we are forever changed by the impact Southeastern has made on our lives. The dynamic, Christ-centered culture is buzzing with magnetic life. The connections and relationships that I have made will forever be a treasure in my heart. Leading connect groups on campus for some of the most impressive young women I’ve ever met, leading a group at the Florida Baptist Children’s Home, getting to share my story at the Teen Challenge girls home and then with the SEU student body at one of their chapel services are among my most treasured memories. Scott and Cindy Thomas, Andrew and Christina Gard, Kent and Karen Ingle, Roger and Tina Archer, and Steve and Ellen Bilsborough are just a few of the amazing new heroes that God brought into my life.

It is also during my time at Southeastern that I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Last spring, before my symptoms hit, I was working towards my AFAA group fitness certification with plans to become a yoga instructor. I like to joke that I went off to get my masters, all to realize my calling to teach yoga, haha! (Totally kidding!) Of course, when MS hit, I found myself barely able to walk and hung my hat on the whole plan.

In the last few months, as my symptoms slowly improved, I realized that I could perhaps still do this whole yoga thing! At first, the fear of a next MS attack kept me from reviving this personal goal. But then, who really wants to live under the limitations of fear? The reality is, none of us knows what tomorrow holds. All that matters is that today, I am able. So I will! What a motto to live by. Today, I am able. So, I will. For me, the choice to teach yoga represents so much and is a powerful statement to myself. Plus, I love the accountability that comes with teaching. I love teaching the Bible because it keeps me in a consistent position of prayer and study. It is the same with fitness. As the teacher, I have to show up! I have to be in shape. What a great plan!

So, I’m turning over a new leaf! I finally just started teaching a yoga class at a super cool fitness studio called Sleek Physique. I also just started offering a yoga class every Friday at 9am at Evangel. Anyone is welcome, and it is just $5 per class!

I am so excited about this new season of life! Being home with family (and my SCC church family) is the best feeling in the world. Taking care of my awesome baby girls, finishing my masters, launching Shreveport Leadership College (a story for another post very soon!), and of course, teaching yoga are some of the major milestones of my new season. There is truly no place like home! No time like the present to do all that is in our heart. All we can offer to God is today. Our great chance to love the people in our lives and make a difference in the world is right in front of us. The time for these things is always now. Today, whether you are firing on all cylinders or just at 10% capacity, use what you have with joy. That is the lesson I am learning these days. Until next time! 😉

2 thoughts on “Turning Over a New Leaf

  1. Rhonda

    I love this Sarah! Thank you for sharing. I’m excited to hear about all the big and exciting changes happening for your sweet family. You’re an inspiration and I’m continuing to pray for your total healing. Xo

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