Featured Hero: Kim Moran

kim headerTreasure of a Friend
When I was diagnosed with MS nine months ago, I received a treasure of a friend, my Canadian buddy: Kimberlee Moran. Kim has been such a source of encouragement and inspiration to me. She is a preaching powerhouse, and a Campus Pastor alongside her husband at a Bible College in Canada. She is also very committed to her health and fitness, she is a legit blogger, and she was diagnosed with MS over a year ago.

As you can imagine, receiving a diagnosis like MS, which threatens you with disability, it is easy to want to “throw in the towel” so-to-speak. It’s tempting to say “Oh well,” to your hopes and dreams. When I first heard the words “You have MS,” my entire life flashed before my eyes and I wondered if I would ever be able to realize my dreams of doing ministry, being healthy and fit, being an energetic and involved mother and wife, and making a difference in the world. Just as these questions began to loom in my heart, my sister DawnChere introduced me to Kimberlee Moran.

Featured Hero: Canada’s Finest, Kimberlee Moran
It is my greatest joy to get to feature Kim today! She has honestly been so instrumental to me through all of this MS nonsense! Seeing her example of pressing forward and continuing to accomplish all that is within her heart to do is literally what made me pull myself up by my bootstraps and decide, “I will not give up!” She was my greatest inspiration to start a blog, and her example has given me the determination to continue to minister and preach, continue to pursue optimum health and fitness, and continue to live life to the fullest. It is also funny how much we have in common too: both graphic designers, both love to write, both graduated from Southeastern University, both passionate about preaching the Gospel. We have also gotten to collaborate recently in the creation of the “iaMStrong” campaign, which was initiated and designed by Kim!

The Need for Inspiration
The greatest battle that I have experienced with MS hasn’t been the weakness, pain or fatigue, but the unknown. That looming fear that any day I could wake up and not be able to see or walk. That sinking feeling that comes on when I start to feel a new symptom, worrying that this could be my “next attack.” I have learned that my mind is battleground where MS must be conquered.

I needed to see an example that defied all that that the doctors, the internet, and my fears were saying; and Kim was that for me. Examples like Kim’s need to be shared with the world. Most of us don’t have an MS diagnosis, but we all face questions of the unknown. We all battle fear that what we want so bad may not ever happen. Whether we realize it or not, we all dwell in the reality that today could be our last. The question is, what are we going to do about it? Will we stop believing, stop hoping, stop pressing forward when things get uncertain?

Beyond the Fight, Our Promise Lies
I was reading today about Joshua and the Promised Land. The land that God had promised to give the Israelites was swarming with giants. When everyone else cowered in fear and wanted to retreat, Joshua and Caleb had a different attitude. They knew that if God had promised it, it was as good as theirs. They were ready to fight, and they knew they would win, because God was with them.

This is the kind of tenacity and faith that I want to face life with. This is the attitude that we are all called to foster in the face of uncertainty. And this is strength that I see in Kim.

kimsubheaderPray for Kim TODAY!
Today, Kim is undergoing an MS treatment called Lemtrada. This is a very serious treatment with a lot of side-effects and risks. It will literally wipe out and then rebuild her immune system in hopes that her body will stop attacking her brain and spinal cord. If all goes as planned, she will not need treatment again for another fifteen years! God-willing, MS will be completely stopped in its tracks! This is a $100,000.00 treatment, which Kim actually raised by the provision of God and the generosity of many. I would like to invite you to join us in prayer for Kim today and going forward. Pray that all goes well, that she does not experience the side-effects or risks, that the recovery will be swift, and that this treatment will be nothing but a blessing to her! She is diligent and faithful to the call that God has placed on her life, despite the great setbacks that MS has imposed. She is already victorious, already an overcomer. I have no doubt that as we rally around her in prayer, that through this treatment, we will see her rise up with even greater vitality, strength and tenacity than ever!

Thank you for your prayers! You also HAVE to check out her blog, it is amazing! I hope one day mine will be half as bomb as hers! ineverything.ca


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