Secure Series: Part 3

Power of the Mind
Zoos will often chain baby elephants to a stake in the ground in order to tame them. Initially, the rambunctious baby elephant will fight and pull, but once he realizes that his effort is to no avail, he will cease trying. As the years go by and the elephant increases in size and strength, it never again crosses his mind to try and break away from the stake in the ground. Although he could easily break the chain with little effort, in his mind the chain is stronger than he. Thus, although he is free, he lives like he is not. This illustrates very well how we, as Christians, can live in bondage. Though we are free, we have to realize it and learn to operate in it. Though we have authority, we have to truly believe it, and then learn how to use it. This is the best way to explain how insecurity transcends the line of our salvation. Did Christ do a complete work? Yes. But why, then, am I still so affected by insecurity, among so many other things? Because we still have to learn and believe the truth about ourselves, identify the lies we’ve believed for so long, and learn to operate in our newfound freedom.

The reason an elephant can be convinced for his entire life that he is stuck to the chain is because of his incredible memory. Often, our memory can be our worst enemy. The devil loves to use them to our demise, but God pinpoints them for our healing.

And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lords glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory…

We continue to grow. Our freedom is realized more and more. Upon believing in Jesus, we become completely free and secure, but then we learn more and more how to walk in that freedom and security. We do this as we break old habits and allow Him to address the wounds that caused them. God is so good!

When God brings a memory to mind, it is with a purpose, and that purpose is your healing. His method is for you to address it: acknowledge it and then give it to Him. We give it to Him by repenting, or by forgiving either someone else or ourselves, and we let Him take it from there. Sometimes, we feel like we are completely unaffected by something that has happened in the past, then a memory will pop up out of nowhere, and suddenly we are deeply burdened by it again. This is your opportunity to allow it to go through its process of closure. Once the incident or wound is acknowledged, then the loss can be mourned. Maybe it is a loss of someone, of your innocence, or of a piece of your heart. Feel the pain associated with it and accept it. Then give it to God. Not in a cliché way like, “Oh, I’m just giving it to God” instead of actually addressing it. But literally you decide, “God I’m giving this to You today. I accept Your healing and Your forgiveness and Your strength to forgive.” From this point on, you are free from it, and it has no power over you. Even though before you may not have even realized its weight on you, you will now feel its absence as you walk a little lighter, a little freer.

It is so important for you to discern between God bringing something to mind and the devil bringing a memory against you. Like I said, when God does it, it is for a purpose and that purpose is your healing. He isn’t going to taunt you with it, nor will he throw it back in your face once you’ve addressed it with Him and accepted His forgiveness and healing. The devil tries to bring condemnation and debilitation, God brings freedom and life. Addressing these past issues specifically with God and writing them down to remember the day you gave it to Him will remind you that you are free and healed, and will help you identify an attack from the enemy, so that you can stop it in its tracks. Also, don’t be your own enemy. Often we are the culprit for bringing up our own past hurts and mistakes over and over again. If God, in His righteousness, has forgiven you, who are you to not forgive yourself? When you are writing this down, include in your journal: “On this day, I forgive myself, and will carry this weight no longer.” Praise God, because He is setting you free!

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