Secure Series: Part 13

The Holy Spirit
Do you remember the story of when Jesus was arrested? Consumed by fear, all of His disciples deserted Him. Peter even betrayed Him – three times! He was so afraid that when asked if he was a disciple of Jesus he responded, “I don’t know the man.”

Then he seems to make a dramatic one-eighty. The one who cowered under pressure is seen a short time later proclaiming the first Gospel sermon to a ginormous crowd of thousands with such incredible boldness. He even made statements like, “You put [Jesus] to death, but God raised Him to life!” (Acts 2:23) For all he knew, that could have ignited a riot right there, and then he would have been the one at the center, receiving the blows of an angry mob. Yet, that possibility didn’t slow him down one bit! His sermon was so full of power that in response, the Bible says the people were “cut to the heart” and about three thousand were saved!

The difference-maker in this situation is unarguably the Holy Spirit. Before this sermon took place, Peter along with many disciples, was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. This happening turned not only Peter, but all of the disciples into bold, incredible witnesses of Jesus. These “average Joes”, ignited by the power of God turned our world upside down, and stopped at nothing, not even death, to bring the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth. These guys inspire us to continue the work they began with no less vigor, faith, and power.

Peter is but one example of how the Holy Spirit can literally wipe away the power of insecurity from our lives. I encourage you to read through the scriptures and discover more stories of how the Holy Spirit replaced timidity with courage, weakness with strength, and doubt with faith. He is involved in the lives of God’s people from Genesis to Revelation, and hasn’t slowed down one iota today. He is the key, the source, and the secret ingredient. Only let’s not keep Him a secret, but allow Him to light up the world through us.

Now go get ‘em
It has been such an honor to share with you the tools that God has given us through His Word to defeat insecurity and walk in freedom. I am fully confident that you can and will flourish in this life! When insecurity does try to creep up again, remind yourself that you are free, and have already chosen to walk in that freedom. The feeling may knock on the door of your heart in different seasons of your life, but you have the choice to never let it enter and make itself at home again.

Jesus is your security. The hope and faith that we will see Him face to face one day aligns our perspective. My prayer is that you will realize more and more all that God has given you, that you’ll see the beauty of who you are. I pray also that you will be filled to the measure of all the fullness and freedom of God.

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