“Health Nut-ella” (My Healthy Nutella Alternative)


If you are female, then you are probably are aware of the fact that Nutella rivals the automobile and the iPhone for the greatest invention of all time. A faithful friend in time of need, it has not been beneath me to spoon shameful amounts of this stuff in a barbaric, yet therapeutic fashion when no one’s looking. However, since my MS diagnosis, I have had to completely cut sugar out of my diet, which means my Nutella days are over. So sad, I know.

However, necessity is the mother of invention, and on one particular night I experiened a raging need for Nutella. What to do?! I got to work. I flipped through my kitchen and decided to experiment, and wouldn’t you know I came up with the perfect alternative! So yummy, and so healthy! Save the applause, here is the recipe:

Almond butter (I use Barney & Co)
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Sorry I don’t have specific measurements. Really, the amount of each ingredient can be adjusted according to your taste. It’s that simple!

You’re welcome!!!

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